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akhirnya setelah lama gw anggur2in...film2 dalam hardisk mulai gw tontonin satu persatu..
hahaaha entah kenapa gw hobi banget download film, tapi nontonnya maless banget..
mood buat nonton harus bagus baru bisa, klo gk bisa bertaun2 kemudian baru gw tonton tu film2 xDD
what a weird girl I am xD
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Can't wait to see Toma at Janiben and Hirunandesu!!!!
It's really one of my dream to see Toma at Janiben hahaaaaa..
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Drama Season Winter 2013 (Johnny's casting)

Drama Season Agenda – Winter 2013


Romaji: obunaga no Chef
Featuring: amamori Yuta & Inagaki Goro
Schedule: ridays 23:15-24:15
Channel: V Asahi
Official Site
Start: anuary 11th

心療中―in the Room―

Romaji: hinryo chuu―in the Room―
Featuring: nagaki Goro, Senga Kento, Takada Sho, Sanada Yuma, Nozawa Yuki & Tanaka Juri
Schedule: aturdays 24:50-25:20
Channel: TV
Official Site:</a>
Start: anuary 12th
Theme song Kai・Sera・Sera – Yamashita Tomohisa


Romaji: iblia Koshodo no Jiken Techo
Featuring: ewis Jesse
Schedule: ondays 21:00-21:54
Channel: ujiTV
Official Site:</a>
Start: anuary 14th

Collapse )
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Well it is suck... I made this LJ account since 2009, but I only have one post!!
Just damn one post for nearly 4 years hahaha...
I'm so ashamed..I could never get used to using LJ

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But recently I'm active again in idol world, so I'm making some effort to get used it (and of course add some post to this lonely page hehe)..

Oh well at the first page I said that I love Ikuta Toma "my idol the one and only"
well there's no much different until NOW I still love and adore him...there's no idol/actor/artist can change his place in my heart.
From that time I only know him at Johnny's and barely know the others...
so I just fangirling for Toma

during summer in the year 2011 I made a huge chance in my life.. 
after watching Ikemen Desu Ne I started having an interest with other Johnny's talents, which is Kisumai.
After that I started looking for all the info about Johnny's and managed to absorb in one night xDD
But then I lost all of my interest for Kisumai just after their debut. I just don't like their 3-4 arrangement -_- (but I still like Tama-chan <3)

And then because all of people making a ruckus about Arashi, I was curious because I just can't find any spark to them 
My friend said to me, maybe I should watching some of their tv show to find their real charm.
Somehow my friend's word was true..I became their fan after watched the tv shows, and Sho-chan is my favourite <3

After that at the nearly end of 2011 I became a fan of 48 family too..
I won't explained the detailed but to make it short I became a fan because JKT48 hahaha...
fyi before that I simply didn't like AKB48 as much as I didn't not like momusu and such, but after knowing them more deeply I found them so cool, cute, and hardworker...they are so adorable :)) (my oshi mayuyuu)

my story wasn't stopped here...
some of you of course know the sacred show for Johnny's fangirl at the end of the year?yes Johnny's countdown!
at the concert I found my new favorite Johnny's, which is Kanjani8!!!!! 
it's all of fault that damn blender and vegetable xDDDDDDD
I almost died of laughing because of them.. Eito you roooock!!!!! (all of them are my favourite, can't pick just one xD)

And to sum it all until now  ......
- I'm still a Toma faithful girl ;))
- never heard anything again from kisumai
- i'm no longer a fan from arashi
- still follow the news and developments of 48fams (there's always something new about them that made me never get bored)
- a huge fan of Eito!! (secondly after Toma)

My First Post

This is my first post...

From the beginning i want to say sorry because my english is very bad..
so I'm really sorry if anyone can't understand it..

Well, that's for all....

for next i want to post and sharing about Ikuta Toma, my idol the one and only.

Ikuta Toma

But maybe not only Toma, I'll post all about Japanese stuff in here..

Count on me!